Hi l’m Rupal Morarji owner of RM Beauty.

I’ve always wanted to get into the beauty industry from when I was 18 actually but decided to go to university as it was seen as the right thing to do. After a couple of years in IT I decided it wasn’t for me. I took a temp job in a bank for 2 weeks and well 22 years later I was still there.

I decided it was about time I did what I’ve always wanted to do.. and here I am writing my about me page for my beauty website. 

I went on my own brow journey..after over plucking them in the 90’s to them going sparse in my 40’s I had my brows microbladed. The difference it’s made has been unreal. From saving time every morning, waking up with full brows and also I can go swimming without them disappearing!! For such a small adjustment it really does change your overall look and frames your face beautifully. 

I love creating bespoke brows for busy people who just don’t want to fill in their brows daily, who want to just wake up with perfect brows and feel confident. 

I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do…